MACROVITA Natural Cosmetics have been providing customers with joy and positive emotions from the surprising effects of their use for nearly 40 years. For example, customers from Italy, England, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and the USA know this.

What makes MACROVITA Natural Cosmetics extremely beneficial and provides ideal, natural care for the face, body and hair? Meet us! Discover MACROVITA cosmetics!

Below are 10 reasons for choosing natural cosmetics of MACROVITA!

Nearly 40 years of experience

MACROVITA cosmetics company was founded in 1984 in Greece by George and Elizabeth Vassilakaki. Their sensitivity and the ability to predict already then allowed them to notice the approaching global change consisting in the desire to live in harmony with nature and the broadly understood development of environmental awareness. Thanks to their persistence in continuous, innovative research on the use of natural ingredients, MACROVITA has achieved an established position and remains at the forefront of cosmetic companies that constantly meet the growing expectations of consumers in the field of natural, innovative and effective face, body and hair care products. more >>>

Awarded, distinguished and appreciated many times

MACROVITA cosmetics have been awarded and awarded many times. They obtained, among others certificate The title "GOOD BRAND - Quality, Trust, Reputation" and four years in a row have been granted the right to use the prestigious title BEST BEAUTY BUYS in a competition organized by the "InStyle" magazine. The MACROVITA brand also received the unique QLTOWY KONCEPT 2016 award in the competition organized by "Magazyn Kosmetyk". This is an important industry award, which is awarded to the best cosmetic products that appear on the Polish market. The MACROVITA brand received a statuette for the innovative use of argan stem cells in cosmetics. The awards and distinctions confirm the quality of our cosmetics, and thus our customers can be sure that we are giving them the highest quality cosmetics. more >>>

Up to 100% natural ingredients

MACROVITA natural cosmetics contain at least 80% of active substances, while conventional cosmetics contain only a few percent of the substances that act on the skin. Natural ingredients in our cosmetics constitute up to 100%. Most of the ingredients come from organic farming supervised by professionals and have an ecological certificate, eg ECOCERT. more >>>

Without parabens

Thanks to the implementation of the pioneering project "replacing parabens with ingredients of plant origin", none of MACROVITA cosmetics contains parabens, i.e. chemical preservatives. Contrary to other cosmetics, chemical preservatives have been replaced mainly by ingredients of natural origin. The ingredients used in the production of MACROVITA cosmetics are also paraben-free. As natural products, MACROVITA cosmetics truly care for the body and hair. MACROVITA cosmetics are hair and skin-friendly, provide it with valuable, natural substances often derived from ecological plantations - free from pesticides and artificial fertilizers. more >>>

The wealth of more than 200 natural ingredients

MACROVITA was the first Greek company to use olive oil in cosmetic products. Olive oil from Greece is considered the best in the world, and as an ingredient of the cosmetic, it has a surprisingly positive effect on our body, face and hair. Importantly, MACROVITA cosmetics contain a wealth of over 200 natural ingredients. The plant ingredients are obtained in the most favorable, sunny climate of Greece. As a result, phytogenic ingredients, ie those of plant origin, are distinguished by particularly favorable properties confirmed in "in vitro" and "in vivo" tests. more >>>

30 DAYS for a convenient return

We are sure that you will be satisfied with MACROVITA's natural cosmetics! Our priority is your full satisfaction with your purchase, which is why we extended the possibility of returning the product to as much as 30 days. Thanks to this, we enable our clients to make a calm, well-thought-out decision at home. If you want to use the right to withdraw from the contract, you do not have to worry about returning the order and you do not waste time filling in the documents. At MACROVITA, we provide a convenient returns wizard. All you need to do is print the return receipt and send the package back to us. more >>>

The areas of the company's activities in line with nature

The MACROVITA company operates in two sectors. The first one is based on the research, development, production and marketing of natural cosmetics. The second business sector is based on Apitherapy. MACROVITA, as a producer of several types of honey, has extensive experience in obtaining honey, royal jelly, flower pollen and propolis. They are added as a rich ingredient in cosmetics, which also ensures their effectiveness. In its activities, the company follows Greek and Roman wisdom and draws the best from the culture of the Far East. Thus, it combines the achievements of experience with the latest achievements in science and technology. This is also reflected in the company's logo, in which two Asian symbols YIN and YANG are incorporated, expressing physical and mental balance. more >>>

Environmentally friendly and not tested on animals

The MACROVITA company is environmentally friendly. Our cosmetics have never been tested on animals, even when legal regulations allow it. Cosmetics made of 100% olive oil are 100% biodegradable. Cosmetic packages made of cardboard or plastic are 100% recyclable. Orders are shipped in biodegradable packaging in line with the "zero waste" principle. more >>>

No unwanted ingredients

In the interests of the best performance, MACROVITA cosmetics do not contain ingredients considered harmful and those that would expose your skin to harmful chemicals. Therefore, MACROVITA cosmetics do not contain petroleum derivatives or genetically mutated substances, they are free from petroleum jelly and propylene glycol. For the sake of delicate scalp and effective care, selected MACROVITA shampoos are SLS and SLES free and do not contain silicones. more >>>

Proven effectiveness

MACROVITA is a specialist in the field of creating effective natural cosmetics, which are based on an advanced combination of plant oils or extracts, natural ingredients produced by bees and vitamins. Thanks to the use of the latest scientific achievements, MACROVITA cosmetics have proven effectiveness, are tested in terms of their microbiological composition and have passed dermatological tests. Phytogenic ingredients, and thus of plant origin, are distinguished by particularly favorable properties confirmed in "in vitro" and "in vivo" tests. MACROVITA natural cosmetics intensely stimulate skin cells, have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and astringent properties, and above all, they effectively moisturize. more >>>


Check how MACROVITA natural cosmetics work for you to enjoy your youth and good appearance for longer!

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