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MACROVITA olive oil & bee royal jelly natural cosmetics

The latest scientific research confirms the accumulated experience acquired through centuries, concerning the amazing properties of olive oil as a means of facial and body care. Its valuable ingredients have an intensive antioxidant, cell stimulating, anti-inflammatory, astringent and moisturizing action that result in the direct improvement of the appearance and the dramatic delay of skin ageing.

MACROVITA natural cosmetics exceptionally combine the extra virgin organic olive oil with fresh organic royal jelly, white tea, organic aloe vera, organic calendula, a complex of vitamins E+C+F  and many other vegetal oils and extracts. The result of all these sophisticated biodynamic combinations is a complete line of dermatologically tested products that offer the ideal natural face and body care. Up to 99% ingredients of natural origin.


OLIVE-ELIA by MACROVITA natural cosmetics with organic olive oil

In 2006, in order to satisfy some specialized needs of the traditional products market, MACROVITA created the new line of natural, olive oil based beauty care products under the trademark MACROVITA-OLIVE·ELIA, strictly maintaining the well-known standards of high quality and reliability. OLIVE·ELIA is composed by two words: The first is the Latin word “olive” and the second is the corresponding name of olive in Greek, “elia”.

The range of natural cosmetics OLIVE·ELIA by MACROVITA combines extra virgin organic olive oil with many other organic substances and vitamins that are beneficial to the skin, to offer the ideal natural care for the face, body and hair. Up to 99% ingredients of natural origin.


MACROVITA Olive & Argan natural cosmetics

The use of Moroccan Argan Oil on the south coast of the Mediterranean and Olive Oil in the north concealed, for many centuries, the precious secrets of Mediterranean skin care. Nowadays, advanced scientific research has revealed that these wonderful natural products contain an abundance of very strong antioxidant and cosmetic agents: terpenoids, carotenoids, iridoids, flavonoids, polyphenols, sugars, vitamins, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated essential fatty acids.

MACROVITA Olive & Argan cosmetic product line perfectly combines these active organic agents, which complement each other, provide long-lasting hydration and food for the skin, fight wrinkles, tighten and treat premature ageing. Thanks to MACROVITA, the precious hidden secrets of Mediterranean beauty now belong to everyone! Up to 99% ingredients of natural origin.

MACROVITA natural cosmetics with rice, calendula & coenzyme Q10

The passing of the years, the modern messy and exhausting lifestyle, as well as the continuously growing environmental influences are only some of the factors that disturb the biological balance of skin cells, resulting in the excessive acceleration of the natural process of skin ageing.

INNOVATION BASED ON EPIGENETICS. The new, reformulated rice line is based on the innovative expertise of epigenetics. Harmonically combines the excellent cosmetic properties of rice, calendula and coenzyme Q10 with those of many other organic vegetable oils, extracts and vitamins, allowing skin cells to quickly adapt to external stress and increase their life span, in order to restore and maintain skin youth.

The products of the line drastically fight against wrinkles and ageing signs, thus dramatically improving skin texture and face appearance.


MACROVITA cotton, hops & ginseng face care for men

MACROVITA developed a range of facial treatments for men, based on the effective combination of plant extracts and vitamins. MACROVITA MEN Series offers optimal hydration and maximum protection against external aggressions (shaving, smoking, stress, air pollution, ultraviolet radiation).

In addition, fragrances in cosmetics provide a pleasant feeling of freshness and well-being. Skin care products for men are based on the dynamic combination of active vegetable extracts and vitamins with effective healing agents.

Up to 99% ingredients of natural origin.


MACROVITA Vegetable Cosmetic Oils

MACROVITA vegetable, cosmetic oils have been created to meet the expectations of people who love the direct contact with nature. The traditional cosmetic use of vegetable oils lasts for centuries now as their beneficial effect on the skin has been proven empirically. The wealth of their nutritive and softening ingredients makes them ideal for maintaining skin’s health, since they offer the necessary nourishment and hydration. Absolutely pure, they do not cause irritations and are safe to use directly on the skin, or as carriers of essential oils for various kinds of massage.

MACROVITA vegetable cosmetic oils are products with a particularly simple composition. They encapsulate the beneficial properties of plants and transfer them intact on the face, body and hair. Produced by cold pressing in order to avoid the destruction of their valuable ingredients from heat, they are enriched with vitamin E for protection against oxidation, and are packaged in dark blue glass containers for elimination of UV radiation adverse effects. They can be regarded as "the essence of care" - contain all beneficial properties of plants, bestowing this richness our face, body and hair.


MACROVITA fig, service tree & yellow hornpoppy line, against cellulite and skin slackening

The integrated pioneering MACROVITA system for effective care against cellulite, skin slackening and stretch marks seems to have arrived directly from the future!

Stem cells from fig and service tree act against cellulite and localized fat, glaucine from yellow hornpoppy acts against skin slackening and tripeptides-5 + horehound act against stretch marks.

Up to 99% ingredients of natural origin.


MACROVITA aloe vera, panthenol & olive oil suncare products

The new generation of MACROVITA suncare products, fully harmonized with the latest European requirements, is technologically advanced with results proven by specific scientific studies. Suitable for all skin types and water-resistant, they ensure protection from burns, dehydration and photoageing. Easy to spread, they moisturize the skin offering a pleasant, velvety feel and matte finish. Additionally, they contain photostable broad spectrum filters for protection from ultraviolet radiation (UVA and UVB), special ingredients for protection from infrared radiation (IR), as well as precious vegetable oils, extracts and vitamins carrying their beneficial properties to the skin.

PRECAUTIONS: Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun between 11:00 and 15:00. For additional protection, wear a hat, sunglasses and a shirt. Avoid the exposure of babies and children to direct sunlight. Always apply sufficient quantity of sunscreen. Reapply frequently, especially after sweating, swimming or wiping.


MACROVITA natural crystal deodorants

MACROVITA natural crystal deodorant is mineral salt in solid or liquid form that combats unpleasant body odors effectively and 100% naturally.

It forms an invisible but powerful film that prevents the growth of microorganisms causing unpleasant smells, while at the same time permitting the skin to naturally sweat and breathe, and creates a pleasant feeling of freshness and well being. Does not contain alcohol, hard chemicals or harmful aluminum compounds, and does not stain clothes. Natural product, safe, easy to use, economical, and suitable for everyone.

Up to 100% ingredients of natural origin.


MACROVITA HIPPO Infants & Children Care Product Line

MACROVITA has created the new HIPPO product line with the outmost respect to the specialized skin needs of infants and children, combined with the latest results of modern scientific research. With sophisticated combinations of vegetable oils, extracts and vitamins, as always inspired by nature, the products of the line are very gentle and particularly safe for the sensitive skin of our young friends. Dermatologically tested on sensitive skin, hypoallergenic*, colorants, parabens, propylene glycol, vaseline and mineral oil free, with natural ingredients up to 97%.

*reduction of probability to create allergic reaction


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