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Parabens are one of the most widely used preservatives in the cosmetic industry. They are chemical substances from the group of esters of hydroxybenzoic acid. Typically in the form of colourless and odourless lumps.

Parabens are using as a component of cosmetics which have to prevent formation of mold and yeast. This property allows not only to protect the product against loss of usefulness, but also prevents potential fungal infection of the user.

Parabens have a tendency to collect at the surface of the skin. They also have allergenic properties, which in the vast majority are concerned on women. Revealed that the occurrence of urticaria, eczema, hyper pigmentation, and annoying itching. Parabens are usually in limited quantities. Larger share of parabens, however, is reserved for moisturizers and soaps. Regular use of cosmetics with higher levels of parabens intensifies the negative effects of their impact.

Parabens are currently the subject of advanced research in terms of the impact on the formation of malignant tumours. The share of the preservative in the composition of cosmetic products is a necessity, but it is possible and advisable to eliminate synthetic ingredients in favour of natural remedies.

For these reasons, all Macrovita cosmetics do not contain parabens.

Unlike other cosmetic chemical preservatives have been replaced mainly ingredients of natural origin. Moreover, the individual components of which are manufactured Macrovita cosmetics are free of parabens, i.e. chemical preservatives.

As natural products, Macrovita cosmetics truly nourish the body and hair. Macrovita cosmetics are friendly to hair and skin, delivering its precious, natural substances often coming from organic plantations - free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.


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