Vaseline is a mixture of paraffinic hydrocarbons. Similarly to mineral oil is a product of the distillation of petroleum (natural vaseline) or is obtained by mixing the mineral oil with petrolatum and ceresin (petrolatum artificial). Vaseline is a mush of a yellow or white colour. White Vaseline is obtained by re-purification of Vaseline yellow and its bleaching.

Vaseline is odourless and insoluble in water. This product is used successfully to preservation of leather goods, metal, and has a high lubricate which is used in many technical applications. Vaseline produces on coated surface - an occlusive layer which is so tight that it makes difficult the drainage of water from the epidermis. This process can, in fact, accelerate skin regeneration.

Despite its universal use, including the cosmetic industry, application of formulations containing vaseline can leave unpleasant impression of heaviness and viscosity on the skin. This is because vaseline is resistant to absorption. 

For these reasons, all the Macrovita cosmetics do not contain vaseline.

As natural products, Macrovita cosmetics truly nourish the body and hair. Macrovita cosmetics are friendly to hair and skin, delivering its precious, natural substances often coming from organic plantations - free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

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