Dreams about beautiful hair accompanied by half Polish women. According to statistics kept by the cosmetic companies even half of Poles complain because of problems with hair. Most hair is dry and brittle, superfat and falling out. The real nuisance is also dandruff, which not everyone can cope with.

Macrovita offers comprehensive solutions for your hair problems. Proper care and well-chosen cosmetics will help you get the perfect hair. Check out how the Macrovita sets, thanks to natural ingredients will solve your problems with dandruff and greasy the hair.

Dandruff is a disorder very burdensome and generally spoils the image of a person that cares about their appearance and health. Sometimes also chronic and recurrent, if not properly we care about our hair. Causes of dandruff can be very different - irritating the skin cosmetics, polluted or chlorinated water, too intense treatments that damage hair, including inadequate drying or rinsing hair. We also know that dandruff is more common in people with oily skin. For the occurrence of dandruff irresponsible is the fungus, which if is too big causes itching, inflamed, scaly skin and dandruff effect.

With the help comes Macrovita cosmetics. Because they do not contain parabens, silicones, petroleum substances or detergents (SLS, SLES), do not cause skin irritation, unfortunately typical for conventional, chemical cosmetics. The basis of treatment is appropriate dandruff shampoo. The best choice is Macrovita anti-dandruff shampoo for oily hair with bio-rosemary and bio-red grapes. This shampoo very gently cleans hair and regulates sebum production. Natural extracts of fireweed angustifolium mitigate and fight dandruff. It also includes OCTOPIROXTM that combats and prevents the recurrence of dandruff. Due to the bio-rosemary and nettle shampoo strengthen hair and neutralize free radicals. Wheat protein content provide the strength and volume of hair. Shampoo use like any other, even daily. Its systematic use in the gentlest possible way effectively prevent the recurrence of dandruff and protect hair from greasy.

A perfect complement to the treatment against dandruff, which is also the effect of strengthening our hair, the BIO-OIL LAUREL of MACROVITA. Oil effectively prevents losing and splitting hair, stimulates their growth and removes dandruff. It is also used in the healing of difficult to heal wounds and psoriasis. Has a cleansing, astringent, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Bio-laurel oil you can use spot or directly to the skin on head and hair. Repeat this procedure at least once a week to enjoy the excellence skin and beautiful hair!

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MACROVITA LAUREL OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

MACROVITA LAUREL OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

17,19 EUR incl. VAT/1pcs.74.90 pts.(17,19 EUR / 100ml incl. VAT)