92% ingredients of natural origin

92% ingredients of natural origin

We extend an offer of natural cosmetics MACROVITA of body butters OLIVELIA series. The quality of cosmetics provides an exceptionally high proportion of of natural ingredients, reaching even 92%! Among them we can find gourmet ingredients such as extracts of orchid, pearl extracts and water lily. Most of the ingredients are certified Organic ingredients derived from organic farming - olive oil, avocado, aloe, white tea, licorice ...

There are as many as 6 captivating fragrance body oils - VANILLA, VENOM, SENSUAL, NATURAL, PAPAYA, and MARINE.

Butter hydrate, soften and nourish your skin. In addition, cosmetic restores the natural structure of the skin, leaving it soft and lightly scented. The skin becomes silky, soft and supple.

OLIVELIA product line that combines the properties of MACROVITA organic olive oil from many other organic substances and vitamins that benefit the skin, they offer a perfect and natural body care.


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