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In we care about safety and convenience of our Clients.

Therefore, all private data (sent during registration, login and purchases) is protected using an advanced encryption algorithm known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which guarantees 256-bit encryption of data.enience of our Clients.

When logging in to an account at, the URL of a given page shows "https", which means that the connection is secure and safe, and the transmitted data is protected at the highest level.

The login page is now under the following address:

The CERTUM SSL certificate ensures safety of data sent electronically and confirms the credibility of The use of the SSL certificate is recommended by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection and it is our obligation to protect the transmission of personal data as required by the Law on Personal Data Protection.

SSL carries out encryption, server authentication, and assurance of integrity and confidentiality of transmitted information. When establishing a connection to a secure website, algorithms and encryption keys used when transmitting data between the browser and the web server are determined. The SSL protocol is currently the safest form of data protection, and the applied solution is used in banking transactions, among others.

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