1984: Company establishment, production of the first natural cosmetics and commitment to quality.

1989: Creation of the first regenerating product line utilizing plant RNA in liposomes and soya proteins (incredibly innovative for its time).  

1993: Creation of the first anti-aging Retinol A+E product line with nanospheres.  

1996: Removal of animal origin ingredients from all the products, except for bee byproducts (royal jelly, propolis, honey, bees wax).  

1998: Introduction of the first olive oil natural cosmetics in Greece.  

2002: General renewal of products and packaging to conform to the aesthetic criteria of more nations and the legal requirements of more countries, in order to facilitate penetration into the global market.  

2005: Greening, without exaggeration or obsessions that could reduce the effectiveness of the products.  

2006: Marketing of the first products under the new trademark MACROVITA-OLIVE·ELIA designed and produced under the same strict standards of high quality and reliability. The new products quickly become and still remain top sellers in the cosmetics market of traditional shops.  

2010: MACROVITA-OLIVE·ELIA products acquired their modern, global identity. They are highly effective natural cosmetics with organic plant oils or extracts, enriched with the amazing cosmetic properties of bee byproducts, certain products of biotechnology, enzymes and coenzymes.  

2013: Since the Greek economic environment is no longer favorable to sustainable development, MACROVITA is significantly enhancing its presence both in the tourist market as well as the international competition, marching towards the future with steady and determined steps.

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