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SLS and SLES are abbreviation of the chemical specifications of two ingredients which are commonly used in industry and cosmetics. Accordingly, it is an ethoxylated sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate. Both substances are very strong detergents, where the comprehensive presence in cosmetics is dictate, among others, by low price of production. Due to its chemical structure, in a serious way they can influence on the human body.

Particularly susceptible to SLS and SLES are skin that following the use of these ingredients has signs of significant dehydration, but also is observed the number of blemishes, and even structural changes. While applying preparations involving the SLS or SLES, we can observe formation of inflammatory nodules, purulent cysts, but also limiting of  perspiration. Highly sensitive of using these components are intimate surroundings in which spots are more common, and the unpleasant sensation of pruritus. SLS and SLES can also cause hormonal imbalance, which especially annoyingly can manifest among women exacerbation of the menopause.

Both substances, often contaminated by dioxins may also have carcinogenic properties. It is strongly forbidden to use preparations containing SLS and SLES in babies and women in pregnant. Accidental penetrate even a small amount of detergent to the nose or exposure to frequent inhalation can cause rhinitis of the upper respiratory tract. Contrary to appearances espouses the trade name of both substances, SLS and SLES are components of synthetic, generated by chemical process.

Nor should we forget that the properties of both substances have a very negative impact on the structure of the hair. These synthetic ingredients damage the hair sheath causing their brittleness and splitting.

For these reasons, Macrovita shampoos are free of SLS and SLES. 

As natural products - Macrovita shampoos truly care for hair - not charged them and do not irritate the scalp and provide hair valuable natural substances friendly to scalp and hair.

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