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Propylene glycol (PPG) is an alcohol from the group two-hydroxyl alcohols, means diols. Under normal conditions, glycol takes the form of odourless, viscous liquid. In the industry the widest application of glycol is using as suitable component to makes desired consistency and a components which moisturize the skin.

This substance is considered to be very harmful in the case of consumption. It can damage the liver, kidneys, and also affect the nervous system. In the production process, glycols are often contaminated by ether which exhibits carcinogenic, and genetic damage in cells structure.

The general use of propylene glycol as an ingredient in cosmetic products is observed degradation of the hair structure, as well as skin irritations. A common complaint is the occurrence of allergic reaction, manifesting as itching and rash. Another aspect of glycols negative impact on the skin which is - in combination with tallow - the ability of pore plugging and therefore cause skin inflammation. In turn, accidental contact with eyes, may cause inflammation of the eyeball and conjunctiva, resulting in tearing, burning and swelling of the eyelids. Propylene glycol may also damage the structure of the lipid-protein membranes.

For these reasons, all cosmetics of Macrovita company do not contain propylene glycol.

As natural products, Macrovita cosmetics truly nourish the body and hair. Macrovita cosmetics are friendly to hair and skin, delivering its precious, natural substances often coming from organic plantations - free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

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