Nowadays, naturality is no longer something obvious and becomes more and more desired. People suffer from many chemicals and pollutants ubiquitous in the environment around us. They may be the reason for many diseases and allergic reactions.

Therefore, we decided to offer cosmetics made from natural ingredients. The base for their produce is olive oil appreciated for centuries by amazingly positive effect on human skin.

MACROVITA OLIVE & ARGAN TimeCode™ FormulaMACROVITA cosmetic ingredients are mostly from organic farming supervised by professionals. In contrast to other cosmetics chemical preservatives (parabens) have been replaced mostly by natural ingredients. Moreover, the individual components of MACROVITA cosmetics, are manufactured without parabens, i.e. chemical preservatives.

Cosmetics MACROVITA have been developed with the following priorities:

  • phytogenic, active ingredients of plant origin, are distinguished by particularly advantageous properties verified in "in vitro" studies and "in vivo" tests. Most of these substances are organic, derived from organic plantations. They grown in accordance with organic farming standards - no chemical fertilizers, no genetically modified organisms (GMO), with care for natural environment and the safety of the animals.
  • using the latest achievements of science, cosmetics MACROVITA have documented effectiveness, are tested for their microbiological composition and have passed dermatological tests.
  • do not contain petroleum derivatives or genetically mutated substances, are environmentally friendly and are not and have never been tested on animals.
  • contain the most mild preservatives available in modern cosmetology, always at the highest levels of security. With the implementation of a pioneering project "to replace parabens with ingredients from plant origin" none of the MACROVITA products contain parabens, i.e. chemical preservatives.
  • in the care of the delicate skin of the head and to provide effective care, all MACROVITA shampoos are free from SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) and SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate).
  • MACROVITA cosmetics are continuously improved and follow the latest scientific achievements to preserve a most important place in cosmetology.
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