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Poznaj metody olejowania włosów z MACROVITAOiling hair is a more and more popular method used in hair care. It is in fact a great way to get strong hair, regeneration of damaged hair, brittle and dull, as well as levelling problems with split ends. Oiling should also deprive us of the problem with loosing hair, in a visible manner improves their appearance, moisturizes and nourishes and also enhance their resilience. Hair oiling treatments are known in feminine care products for a long time - they provide a beautiful, shiny and well cared hair already Arabian or Hindu.

Best for oiling hair treatment are cold-pressured oils, because they have the largest number of nutrients. Macrovita cosmetics are produced by cold pressing, making the most precious ingredients are saved. Thanks to beneficial oils components (phytosterols, NKKT, vitamins) they will surprise you with a positive effect of healthy and well-groomed hair.

Should be avoided oils that are composed with paraffin (petrochemical substance) or chemical preservatives. In this respect, the Macrovita company offers a wide range of natural plant oils, suitable for oiling and meet all these criteria. Best to test various oils and choose the one that best meets our expectations and deliver the best effects.

The most recommended oils are:

Castor oil - rebuilds the hair structure, prevent hair loss and splitting ends, restores the density and glow, also help in the elimination of dandruff, because it nourishes and prevents loss of moisture of the skin.

Bio- jojoba oil - moisturizes and softens weak, damaged hair, soothes with the dandruff. Stimulates blood microcirculation, tones and firms the skin. Works beneficially for dandruff and dry scalp.

Sweet bio-almonds oil - ensure the proper hydration of the scalp, its smoothness, softness, flexibility and health. It is an ideal oil for the treatment of dull and dried out hair. 

Bio-laurel oil - effectively prevents losing and splitting hair ends, stimulates their growth, removes dandruff and rejuvenating effect on the structure of the hair, darkens it.

Macadamia oil - is the only oil with such a high palmitic acid content (16-24%). Absorbs quickly, brings positive results with the fragile, brittle hair, improves the appearance and condition of hair and scalp.

Bio-avocado oil - significantly improves the condition of hair, and their resilience and strength. Shows a soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, so it can be used by people with sensitive skin on the head.

Argan oil - strengthens over-dried, brittle hair, fights dandruff. Prevents splitting hair ends and massaged into the scalp improves the vitality and condition of the hair.

Even if we have information on the package, for example, that the oil is used for massage or skin care, does not mean that it cannot be used it for oiling hair. The decisive factor is always the ingredients of the oil. However, the oil have to be especially protected against sunlight. Therefore, each Macrovita natural oil is packaged in a blue glass bottle to eliminate the harmful effects of UV radiation.

Oiling hair is to spread the selected plant oil on the hair and scalp. You can also apply cosmetic oil only to hair ends to take care of their healthy appearance. Selecting the application method depends on us and our own preferences. It's worth to try every method and find the one that will suit us the most.

We recommend the first method, exactly the imposition of oil on dry hair - the hair from root to tip. In this way, you can naturally apply the oil on the scalp, which will bring additional benefits - will nourish the skin and moisturize it properly and to choose the right oil can eliminate our problem with dandruff. Another method is to apply a cosmetic oil onto damp hair. Some people praise this way and emphasize ease of the imposition of oil or its less consumption. We can also do lotion with the content of oil. Into a container with warm water (about 0.5-1 l), add 1-3 teaspoons of oil and then rinse your hair with this mix. Lightly towel-dried hair leave for several hours in order to increase the effects of the treatment.

After applying the oil is recommended to make a gentle massage of the head, what allows to the stimulation and penetration beneficial substance into bulbs. We can assume the head foil cap and wrap the head with a towel in order to strengthen the effects of the treatment. Depending on the condition of our hair we can wash off the oil with shampoo after 2-3 hours, or leave it on the hair for the night.

To effectively wash the applied oil from the head and hair rinse first oil with warm water, then wash thoroughly with shampoo. Excellent for this purpose will be clarifying shampoo with bio-components in the series Olivelia of Macrovita. Shampoo thoroughly cleans the hair and gentle active ingredients (organic olive oil, bio-rosemary, calendula and pro-vitamin B5) nourish the hair, add to them strength, volume and the desired flexibility. We can also use hair conditioner. We recommend nutritional mask heavily regenerating hair with exceptionally high because 97% share of natural ingredients. Such a treatment for the good of our hair we make 1-2 times a week.

It is important that both the oils used in cosmetics and cosmetics for complete hair care were as natural as possible. Therefore, we recommend stop using cosmetics with a high content of silicon and instead go to use of products without parabens, without irritating detergents or strong preservatives. Here also will be appropriate mild and natural Macrovita cosmetics - free of mineral oils (paraffin), petrolatum, propylene glycol. We are also sure that in the Macrovita cosmetics are not used any of the genetically modified ingredients (GMO FREE). A full range of hair care Macrovita you can find here.

Systematic use of hair oiling with Macrovita as one of the methods of care and with the proper selection of natural essential cosmetic, give our hair a proper regeneration and strengthen, optimal nutrition and hydration, and in the future also softness and shine, healthy look of hair, that is what we most care about.

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MACROVITA AVOCADO OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

MACROVITA AVOCADO OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

15,14 EUR incl. VAT12,97 EUR incl. VAT59.90 pts.
12,97 EUR / 100ml incl. VAT
MACROVITA ARGAN OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

MACROVITA ARGAN OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

36,80 EUR incl. VAT32,47 EUR incl. VAT149.90 pts.
32,47 EUR / 100ml incl. VAT
MACROVITA JOJOBA OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

MACROVITA JOJOBA OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

17,31 EUR incl. VAT15,14 EUR incl. VAT69.90 pts.
15,14 EUR / 100ml incl. VAT
MACROVITA CASTOR OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

MACROVITA CASTOR OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

12,97 EUR incl. VAT10,81 EUR incl. VAT49.90 pts.
10,81 EUR / 100ml incl. VAT
MACROVITA MACADAMIA OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

MACROVITA MACADAMIA OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

15,14 EUR incl. VAT12,97 EUR incl. VAT59.90 pts.
12,97 EUR / 100ml incl. VAT
MACROVITA OLIVE-ELIA Hair Tonic Shampoo olive oil & rosemary 200ml

MACROVITA OLIVE-ELIA Hair Tonic Shampoo olive oil & rosemary 200ml

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3,89 EUR / 100ml incl. VAT

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