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New cosmetic oils MACROVITA!

New cosmetic oils MACROVITA!

Line of cosmetic oils MACROVITA supplemented until four natural, rich and effective oils:


Vegetable oils cosmetic MACROVITA were created to meet the expectations of people who love the direct contact with nature. They contain pure vegetable oils, which is the most valuable cosmetic raw materials sourced in different parts of the world. They can be regarded as "the essence of care" - contain all the beneficial properties of plants, endowing the richness of our face, body and hair. They are characterized by using the unique efficacy, which is renowned MACROVITA.

Currently line of cosmetic's oil MACROVITA consists of 22 until oils. These include, for example, bio-argan oil, castor oil, bio-jojoba, laurel oil, macadamia nut from certified organic, sea buckthorn oil or essential oil with organic almonds, and a dozen others!

All essential cosmetic MACROVITA are produced by cold pressing, so that the most precious ingredients are preserved, which could be damaged by heat. Each essential natural MACROVITA is packed, as always, the elegant dark blue, glass bottle protection against harmful UV radiation.

We salute you and wish you a pleasant care with essential MACROVITA!
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