Mineral oils are widely known as paraffin, they are a extra product of the distillation of crude oil. They are the typical "filler" - they have no nutritional value and only increase the volume of cosmetics in package. Therefore, in the cosmetic industry paraffin are commonly used as a cheap solvent. Paraffin are substances that are odourless, colourless and tasteless.

The skin or hair, which cosmetics with the addition of mineral oil act on, seem to be smooth, pleasant in touch and shiny. In fact, the constant application of paraffin specimens may cause the opposite effect. It turns out that even the best components dissolved in paraffin are not able to penetrate into the skin, and only remain on the surface, bringing the opposite effect than expected. According to available expert opinions mineral oils are the main reason of clogging pores, blocking the skin to breathe freely and correct metabolic processes. The layer of mineral oils is in fact impermeable and effectively and consequently prevent the migration to the interior of the hair or the deeper skin layers all needed nutrients.

Users of cosmetics with mineral oils often suffer from inflammation of the hair follicles and difficult healing of irritated skin. Paraffin create conditions for the development of anaerobic bacteria which cause these symptoms. Daily use of cosmetics with paraffin can cause dry skin, which does not produce lipids (natural barrier that protects against moisture loss). Mineral oils may therefore slow down the regeneration of the skin, accelerate the aging process and significantly worse hair structure.

It's enough to say that the human body is treating paraffin as a non digestible waste that accumulates in the internal organs, among others: in the liver and kidney. It is not excluded that the ability to absorb toxic substances by mineral oils can be one of factors causing cancer.

Importantly, certifying institutions under the auspices of the Council of Europe have banned using of paraffin as components of natural cosmetics.

For these reasons, all the Macrovita cosmetics are free from mineral oils.

As natural products, Macrovita cosmetics truly nourish the body and hair. Macrovita cosmetics are friendly to hair and skin, delivering its precious, natural substances often coming from organic plantations - free of pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

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