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Dreams about beautiful hair accompanied by half Polish women. According to statistics kept by the cosmetic companies even half of Poles complain because of problems with hair. Most hair is dry and brittle, superfat and falling out. The real nuisance is also dandruff, which not everyone can cope with.

Macrovita offers comprehensive solutions for your hair problems. Proper care and well-chosen cosmetics will help you get the perfect hair. Check out how the Macrovita sets, thanks to natural ingredients will solve your problems with dry hair, hairdressing treatments destroyed and dyeing.

Damaged, dry hair is one of the biggest problems that affects women. Also we must add the split ends. This problem affects mostly long hair. Damaged hair is definitely the most common effect of mechanical injuries, including drying, dyeing, use strong chemical cosmetics. Hair lose their glow, becoming dull. Because the damaged is also adhesive intercellular which connects the scales of the hair, the hair begin to be fragile, brittle and susceptible to any treatments. In this condition our hair require excellent care and proven preparations to restore the shine and desired look.

Damaged, brittle hair with split ends require strengthening. Therefore use only shampoo and conditioners for dry and damaged hair. The best will be Macrovita nourishing shampoo for dyed, brittle hair with split ends. It includes, among others, pure bio-extracts from oats and red grapes that moisturize, nourish hair and alleviate irritations. Red grapes destroy effectively free radicals. Nutritional wheat proteins provide hair strength and volume.

Nothing better moisturize hair as contained in the shampoo organic aloe vera or olive oil and jojoba oil. The last can also be applied directly to damaged hair.

In pure, organic form you can find it in the cosmetic oil Macrovita BIO- JOJOBA OIL. Oil is cold pressed, so it preserves the most valuable ingredients that positively affect your damaged hair. The effect of the treatment will be astounding.

Once a week, apply the hair mask. Such care will make your hair more quickly regenerate. Use Macrovita strengthening and regenerating hair mask with bio-red grapes and bio-Jojoba oil. Conditioner provides intensive regeneration of the hair, even the most damaged, dry, with split ends. Removes dead skin cells, moisturizes, nourishes and strengthens hair from the roots to the tip. Protects against splitting and causes regain strength, volume and shine.

MACROVITA wzmacniająca maska regenerująca do włosów z bio-czerwonymi winogronami i bio-jojobaConditioner contains keratin and in this amino acids, oligopeptides, and proteins which build the hair structure. Thanks to that restore your hair a natural shine, gives them a healthy look and keeps proper hydration. Keratin penetrates the hair structure complements the damaged areas of hair casings, increasing their elasticity and volume. Hair structure becomes truly regenerated. In addition, keratin protects the hair and keeps them far away from the harmful effects of hair colouring cosmetics or products for permanent waving. The components of conditioner are capable to penetrate into the hair structure and permanently associated with hair keratin chains, so the hair are  have significantly improves appearance and strength.

Use the mask on wet, washed hair. Apply a hair mask evenly and massage into the skin. After 3-5 minutes, rinse hair thoroughly with water. Interchangeably you can use the Macrovita regenerating mask, nutritional and regenerating hair mask with bio-red grapes and bio-avocado. This hair mask will especially effectively regenerate and moisturize hair. At the same time protects the scalp, adds hair adds volume and shine, make easier laying and brushing hair.

With damaged hair it is advisable to also use argan oil. This " YOUTH POTION " contains more vitamin E than olive oil. In addition to effectively combat wrinkles, oil has anti-inflammatory properties, nourishes the skin, regulates the sebaceous glands, but also perfectly strengthens the nails and over-dried, brittle hair, fights dandruff. Prevents splitting hair ends and massaged into the scalp improves the vitality and condition of the hair. Thus, the presence of argan oil in your makeup bag seems to be obligatory.

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MACROVITA JOJOBA OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

MACROVITA JOJOBA OIL in natural oils with vitamin E 100ml

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